Cloud setup

Once you have purchased the Cloud plan, you will need to provide a few details to get your subscription up and going. The following steps match each step in your Archboard subscription instructions page.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to decide is your district/school’s subdomain. This will likely be an acronym or name by which you are easily known. You will access Tidal PTC from [name].tidalptc.app.

    The next piece of information is the admin email address of the user that will manage the account for your district/school. This needs to match the email address that is stored for your PowerSchool admin user account.

  2. You will need to download the Tidal PTC PowerSchool plugin. There are two options for plugins, depending on your version of PowerSchool. Version 20.11 of PowerSchool introduced a new way to authenticate using single sign on (SSO). After downloading the appropriate version, you can install the plugin on your PowerSchool version.

  3. After successfully installing and enabling the Tidal PTC plugin, Archboard will fetch a school listing from your PowerSchool server. If you don’t see your schools listed and you have enabled the PowerSchool plugin, you can click the “Get schools” button to retrieve the schools. You will select the number of schools to match the number of licenses you purchased. Once you’re done selecting schools, save your selection by clicking the “Save school selection” button.

  4. Once you have all of this finished, you just need to confirm the details and you’re ready to start using Tidal PTC.

    Double check the subdomain, admin email address, and school selection. Once everything looks right, click the button to finish installation. Learn how to log in to Tidal PTC.