Prevent reservations

Occasionally you will want to prevent a sign up for a specific teacher or class section. Tidal PTC can accommodate the need to fine-tune reservation behavior.

Close booking as an admin

To prevent sign ups for a particular teacher, locate the teacher on the teachers page. Clicking on the “View” action in the teacher’s row will display some options. Clicking the “Close booking” button at the top of the dialog box will display the teacher as having closed booking. This prevents guardians from being able to see and reserve time slots with that particular teacher.


When a teacher’s booking is closed, there will be a small tag next to their name that the booking is closed.

Closing a section

Sometimes there is a situation where only one or some of a teacher’s sections, but not prevent sign ups for the teacher as a whole. Go to the sections page and search for the section you wish to close booking. You can use the search box to search by teacher name, course name, or course number.

Once the section has been located, click the “Hide” link to toggle its visibility. Once a section is hidden, it will not be shown in a student’s list of courses and sections.

Close booking as a teacher

As a teacher to prevent reservations for their time slots, visit your personal settings page under Meeting Information. Find the last option for “Booking Open” and unselect. Save your settings and your booking will be closed. To re-open booking, enable the option and save the form again.