Seamless integration with PowerSchool is one of the best features of Tidal PTC. Students, sections, and teachers are all synchronized from PowerSchool to Tidal PTC. It’s important to know who qualifies as a teacher so that time slots can be created and reserved in Tidal PTC.

Who’s a teacher?

To reduce confusion and the potential for double-booking, a section’s lead teacher will appear as a section’s teacher in Tidal PTC. PowerSchool has the ability to add co-teachers to a section to share the administrative burden of managing a section in PowerSchool. However, when syncing section enrollment from PowerSchool, Tidal PTC will use only the lead teacher from the section and use it as the teacher.

So long as a PowerSchool staff is the lead teacher of a school’s section, they will appear on the teachers page in Tidal PTC.

Sometimes, particularly in elementary or primary school, the same teacher instructs many sections for the same students. Tidal PTC will condense teachers of multiple sections into a single teacher with which guardians can reserve time slots. The teacher will be displayed along with each of the courses they teach for a particular student.

Teachers for student

Teachers who teach multiple sections get condensed